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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality of Makeup and Accessories

So Much is a branded store engaged with first class brands from all over the world specialized in beauty products and women accessories. 

So Much was founded at 2007 and has around 9 branches in Egypt, in the next few years we aim to spread more and more to get in touch with all of our customers and get their satisfaction.

Our Company

At So Much we believe that everyone deserve happy through beauty. We meet the needs and expectations of our customer with high quality and best value cosmetic products in addition to professional services. Seeking to be one part with our customers we build and maintain partner relationships with our customers as well as all other brands based on trust and respect.

Our mission is sharing success with our staff, customers and brands to ensure the complete satisfaction. We aim to be recognized by value providers with luxury quality committed with very important values to lead the market with our engaged brands. Our promise is to deliver happiness and extraordinary services by providing the most effective beauty products. We are committed to do everything we can accommodate the needs of our clients so that they feel as much as a part of So Much family.

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